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Rapid Liens Customer Guarantee

Rapid Liens we always provide you with all the answers you need in a timely and professional manner

Rapid Liens Guarantee

If a property lien search performed by our staff is incorrect, Rapid Liens will assume full responsibility and will be covered by us.
Specific information includes: Taxes, waste fees, utility fees, special assessments, storm water fees, open permits, or code violation information.
Correct information includes: any information based on the property such as owner, address, folio, parcel number, or legal description.

Rapid Liens does not guarantee

We do not assume responsibility for any lien letter that has been provided incorrectly by the city or the county staff. If Rapid Liens has requested for the search to be completed and given the city or county the wrong information, then we shall be held liable.
We have an experienced staff that is familiar with the needs of its clientele. Our experience enables us to provide innovative and practical solutions to any information request you may have.


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